Song of the Week

Your Happy Wanderer will release one original song per week in 2018.

It will be shared via social media and electronic mail, with a brief message about the music and a custom photograph.

Each song will also serve as an invitation to participate in ShareTheMeal, a grant funded smartphone app that distributes meals to hungry children through the World Food Program.

By using the ShareTheMeal app and contributing as part of the #MannaMusic team, you will participate in an experimental form of musical alchemy that is destined to nourish fellow humans.

This project is designed as a rolling 52 week series of emails, so feel free to sign up any time of the year.

The food goal for this project is to share one million meals as the #MannaMusic team.

How long will it take?! Lets find out!!

For more information about ShareTheMeal, visit their site at and download the app on your smartphone.

Through Space and Time,

Will aka Your Happy Wanderer


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